Our Opportunity

Our newest software product,, is disrupting a major e-commerce niche: selling on Amazon.

E-commerce was flourishing before 2020 but the global pandemic accelerated it many-fold. New e-commerce companies are founded daily to sell billions of dollars worth of goods in the US alone.

Amazon made $386 bn in 2020 and dominates this niche. Half of the physical products sold on the Amazon platform are sold by 2,000,000 companies, independent from Amazon, who compete fiercely. Each of these companies pays many thousands of dollars per year for training and software that helps them along the way.

Our Vision is a sharp tool with an innovative approach to product development for Amazon. Our MVP was launched in August 2021 and, as of November, already has ~500 paid subscriptions that fund the development of the full version of the software. This is unusual as most software products burn money years after their MVPs, and a great measure of how our users see the tool.

Even so, we secured an investment from Brandon Young, an 8-figure Amazon seller, a respected venture capitalist and the author of the most successful methodology for Amazon sellers. His financial investment allows us to scale the team up aggressively and take full advantage of our opportunity, while his personal involvement with the software provides an invaluable boost of know-how. is the first tool in its niche and has a wide moat. We will continue to enlarge our competitive advantage by releasing value-added features weekly, informed by Brandon’s and our own experience selling on Amazon, for years to come.

Our Team

The founder of, Florin Ilia, has over 25 years of experience with enterprise software, from developer to CEO. He has led teams of 600+ to develop and implement software worth 9 figures in 30 countries on 4 continents. As an Amazon seller, he is in a privileged position to understand users’ needs.

The back-end technical lead, André Queiroz, is experienced in Java, Typescript, and SQL. He loves to transform complex problems into simple and scalable solutions. André Has 8+ years working on Web Development and is seeking for nice and capable people to aggregate our mission with their perspective and experience to build a solid foundation for the DataDive team.

The front-end technical lead, Nikita Litvin, is responsible for technical design and implementation of user experiences starting from automated client-side data collection, to complex interactions between Google Docs suite and our services, and down to establishing Stripe workflows and internal management tools. Nikita's 10+ years of experience together with his intersection of webdev engineering and insight into business processes is a great asset for the development team.

The sysadmin, Moisés Chávez, with over 6+ years handling IT environments, oversees the talent, technologies, processes, reporting infrastructure, among other things. Moisés loves to be a part of each individual process to ensure an outcome that supports the business goals.

The core members of the team have worked fully remotely years before the global pandemic made the model popular. This is not an experiment for us, we know for a fact that this is a successful model that gives us an edge.

Our full talent force is present in over 10 countries, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

Our Offer to You

We’re on the “first floor” of developing our opportunity. You will be surrounded by brilliant colleagues who build software with passion, and who will help you grow your expertise.

Your voice will be heard inside the team and you will be expected to contribute to the important decisions. You will be challenged to improve every day, sometimes by experimenting. We expect some of the experiments to fail, and that’s welcomed as the only way to progress fast.

Whether this would be your first remote job or you already have experience, our team’s experience and workflow will ensure your success.

To make sure we’re a great match, every contract starts with a paid trial period in which you have to complete actual work as part of the team. When both you and the company conclude we love working together, we transition to the permanent position.

Join our team!

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