Our Journey to Data Dive

Brandon Meets Florian: A Pivotal Moment

Ever hear about Brandon? He’s the guy who turned his passion for Amazon into an 8-figure success story. With a knack for numbers, he devised this cool, data-driven formula to quickly scale his operations. Now, he could’ve kept it as his little secret, but Brandon’s just not that guy. Instead, he decided to teach others.

Enter Florian, a techie transitioning from enterprise software. Imagine diving into the world of Amazon selling and finding Brandon’s course. That’s exactly what happened. Florian, ever the problem-solver, whipped up this nifty Google Sheet to apply Brandon’s genius. It was like magic on a spreadsheet!


From Humble Beginnings: Data Dive's Surge to Success

That Google Sheet? It was just the beginning. Brandon and Florian saw the bigger picture. Together, they crafted Data Dive. It didn’t take long before folks caught on, making it a go-to Amazon SEO tool. And here’s the kicker: with some AI sprinkles on top, Data Dive’s looking to take Amazon selling to a whole new level. So, are you with us? Dive into Data Dive!

The Next Chapter: The Future of AI-Driven PPC

After revolutionizing Amazon SEO, we’re not stopping there. Imagine having a world-class PPC agency at your fingertips, working tirelessly around the clock. Stay tuned, because at Data Dive, we’re diving deep into AI-powered advertising wonders. Ready for the next wave?

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People First
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Goal Centered

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We believe that the human dimensions essential to start any successful project and that this is where splendid emotional relationships between the company and people are born.

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Managing Director

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Accounting Director

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Head of Technology

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Head of Operations

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