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Brandon Young

CEO Seller Systems and Data Dive


Brandon Young is a seasoned Amazon entrepreneur and educator with a wealth of experience in e-commerce. Since 2015, he has spearheaded successful private-label brands generating over $20 million annually and founded Seller Systems in 2018, garnering awards for his exceptional courses and consultancy services.

Leading a thriving Inner Circle Mastermind with over 1,000 members, including numerous 7 and 8-figure sellers, Brandon Young continues to inspire and mentor Amazon sellers with his expertise and passion for innovation. He is also the driving force behind Data Dive, founded in 2021 and launched in 2022, a leading product research and optimization software, that has equipped over 20,000 entrepreneurs with the tools to excel in Amazon Private Label.

• Selling on Amazon since 2015
• Current private-label brands generate over $20 million annually
• Started teaching Program Seller Systems 2018
• Has Won Awards for Best Private Label Course and Private Label Consultant Owns -Product Research and Optimization Software Data Dive
• Has taught over 20,000 entrepreneurs about Amazon Private Label
• Over 1,000 Members in his Inner Circle Mastermind, over 300+ 7 and 8-figure sellers

Anthony Cofrancesco

Director of Business Development Data Dive


Anthony Cofrancesco began his career at Amazon, laying the foundation for his deep expertise in e-commerce. He later scaled Virtuous Graphics, a creative agency specializing in marketing services for Amazon sellers, leading the company through two successful years before exiting.

Anthony then joined PickFu, where over another two-year period, he significantly expanded its reach, making it a well-known name across the industry.Today, Anthony works with Data Dive, Seller Systems, and Camp Ecom, focusing on a variety of roles from content creation and sales team growth to forging impactful partnerships.

Outside of his professional endeavors, this Maryland native has a passion for capturing stunning drone footage and skiing across the globe, embracing adventures that match the scale of his career ambitions.


  • The Future of Selling on Amazon:
    a forward-looking presentation where we’ll explore the evolution of Amazon’s marketplace and its increasing competitiveness. Understand the key milestones from the past and present, and discover the essential strategies for future success. I’ll delve into how critical automation and AI have become in leveling the playing field, making the development of a legitimate brand more crucial than ever. This talk will provide a strategic roadmap for the next 24 months, focusing on actionable insights that promise the highest long-term ROI for Amazon sellers. Equip yourself with the knowledge to thrive in tomorrow’s market—don’t miss out

    Learning Objectives:
    • The History of selling on Amazon
    • How automation and AI is leveling the playing field
    • Why brand and product development is crucial
    • Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm
    • Strategy roadmap

  • Product Validation and Development:
    Where we’ll delve into the crucial steps of assessing product ideas before they hit the market. Learn to identify and mitigate risks early with our comprehensive guide to calculating a product’s risk score. We’ll explore the common pitfalls that lead to product failures and provide strategies to avoid them. Once a promising opportunity is identified, we’ll also demonstrate how to refine your product to outshine competitors and precisely meet customer demands. Don’t miss this essential session for anyone looking to bring a new product to market with confidence and success.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Accurately determine the risk level of a niche
    • Accurately forecast the budget required to launch a product
    • Integrating Market Research into product development
    • Using AI for product development

  • Launching a New Product:
    From Concept to Campaign, where we’ll guide you through the entire process of creating a compelling Amazon listing from scratch. Learn the art of crafting a strategic shot list for main and secondary images, along with A+ content that captures customer interest. We’ll also dive into setting up initial PPC campaigns tailored for launch success. Furthermore, discover how to monitor keyword rankings from day one and diagnose as well as remedy any issues during the critical honeymoon period of your launch. This talk is essential for anyone aiming to master the dynamics of a successful product launch on Amazon.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the honeymoon period and launch time table.
    • Create a listing with maximum SEO ranking potential.
    • The importance of organic rank tracking and how to monitor this during launch.
    • Create PPC campaigns for launch.
    • Create a shot list for main, secondary images and A+ content.

  • SEO for Amazon: How to Optimize Your LIsting:
    Where we delve into the essentials of optimizing your Amazon listings for maximum visibility. Learn how to determine your current organic rankings, identify underperforming keywords, and effectively rewrite your listings to boost performance. This session is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their product’s visibility and sales on Amazon through strategic SEO practices. Don’t miss out on mastering the art of Amazon SEO to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand a Master Keyword List (MKL) and prioritize most important keywords for a niche
    • Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm and how to write a listing
    • How to diagnose and fix organic rank issues
    • How to use AI to write listings at scale
    • Tracking organic rank and interactive testing

  • Visual Optimization for Amazon:
    Join us where we’ll explore effective strategies to enhance Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CVR). Learn about the various types of main images and discover a systematic approach to testing variations. We’ll also delve into optimizing secondary images and A+ content to boost conversions. This session will provide a clear roadmap for testing and refining visual elements to ensure your listings not only attract attention but also drive sales. Perfect for anyone looking to use visual optimization as a lever to increase their product’s success on Amazon.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Image categorization: Types of main and secondary images
    • Image scoring: 3 point system and 5 second test
    • AI analysis: Quickly find out customer opinions on a niche
    • How to leverage Market Research to develop the best creative assets
    • All of the tests you should be running over the course of a year

  • PPC Optimization for Amazon:
    We’ll guide you through the essentials of analyzing and refining your PPC campaigns. Learn how to assess the performance of your ads, amplify successful ones, and reduce spending on less effective campaigns to maximize efficiency. We’ll cover setting up comprehensive tracking systems, expanding your advertising to include a broader array of ad types, and deploying strategies to achieve optimal results. This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their PPC management skills and drive more targeted traffic to their Amazon listings with precision.


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