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How many search terms do you need to track per month?

Use Rank Radar to harness the potent blend of PPC
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products past the competition!

How many search terms do you need to track per month?

Rank Radar’s



Real-time PPC vs Organic Data visualized as a Heatmap to calibrate ad spend and optimize for ranking performance

I really like Data Dive’s Rank Radar as I can see daily progress on a Heatmap with PPC keyword data included, so I can see where I can add more push to my keywords.
Ferenc Szorcsik

BSR Analyzer

Analyze your Best Sellers Rank alongside your competitors
in easy-to-read timeline charts

Since I started using Data Dive we saw a significant improvement in ranking and organic sales, impacting our TACOS significantly and reducing it by almost 50%.
Xavier Fernández


Roots define opportunities by helping you identify how ad spend on keywords affect ranking of other related search terms

Thanks to Rank Radar, we are able to easily identify keywords and prioritize accordingly with CPC bids. Our new product has already outperformed the rest of our catalog and continues to compete in the top 50 rank. It is very easy to confidently compete against dominant brands in the space when using Rank Radar!
Daniel Z.


Use highlights to precisely track search term experiments for you and your teammates

94% Retention Rate

Rank Radar delivers impact, resulting in an average customer retention rate of 94%. Trust in our solution enables you to focus on innovating your products into the future!

Rank Radar = Deeper Insights, More Profits

If you want more time innovating your product niche and less time chasing scattered data, sign up for Rank Radar today!

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2 months of Data Dive free!


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Target audience VAs, Aspiring Amazon FBA Sellers (solos)Amazon FBA Sellers - solos and smbPrivate Labels, Brands, Aggregators
Number of organization membersMain seat only10100,000
Dive ASINs Dive into a Niche to gain market intelligence and outperform the competition. Uncover valuable insights, optimize keyword research, and boost your rankings to boost your business' growth
Competitors in a Dive Maximum number of competitors to analyse in each Dive
Number of Niches Maximum number of niches that can be stored in your account simultaneously.
Outlier Keywords Discover Outlier Keywords where only a few or singular ASINs in your Niche are ranking. Uncover these unique edge cases to gain a deeper understanding of the market and seize untapped opportunities.
DiveBox Quickly analyse competitors from an Amazon SERP or collected from various other sources
Product Scorecard ✔️️✔️️✔️️
Deep Dive✔️️✔️️✔️️
Roots Analysis✔️️✔️️✔️️
Product Development
AI Product Brief Leverage AI to analyse customer Avatar, attributes from ASINs in a Niche. Get valuable AI powered ideas based on Reviews and attributes. And create a Product Brief for your next launch!
Profits Use our advanced cost calculator to weight in production costs, shipping tarrifs, storage costs, shipping duration, custom duties, marketing costs and more. With that predict your potential profits and the minimum order size too maintain your stock for your next launch!
Listing Optimization
Listing Builder The only Listing Builder that takes advantage the relations and overlaps of keywords so you can take an edge on SEO
AI Copywriter Use AI to Build the Listing based on the top converting keywords for your Niche
Optimize Ranking Juice Get the exact set of keywords that will generate the strongest possible listing for SEO
Listing Builder Score Tracker Compare your Listing strength against all your competitors.
Battle of the Listings Compare in detail your Listing with your competitors
Rank Radar Stay ahead of the competition with Rank Radar. Effortlessly track your product's organic rank and PPC performance to optimize your strategy and skyrocket your visibility for outstanding results.
Team & Collaboration
Board view✔️️✔️️✔️️
Labels 5251,000
Organization structure FlatFlatHierarchy
Access control to niches Bucket-level access control (no access/read only/read write)Bucket-level access control (no access/read only/read write)Bucket-level access control (no access/read only/read write)
Audit logs✔️️
PPC Campaigns✔️️✔️️✔️️
PPC Campaings for Launch ✔️️✔️️✔️️
PPC deploy to Amazon ✔️️✔️️✔️️
PPC bulk file download✔️️✔️️✔️️
Technical supportKnowledge BaseBest EffortPriority
Customer success Regular Office Hours, free masterclassesRegular Office Hours, free masterclassesRegular Office Hours, free masterclasses
Dedicated Customer Success manager
Free onboarding call
Seller Central
# of Seller Central accounts1 Seller Central accountUp to 5 Seller Central accounts but not with overlapping marketplacesUp to 100 Seller Central accounts with overlapping marketplaces

Have you ever asked yourself, “How is my PPC helping me rank organically?

Rank Radar allows you to quickly view Impression Rank versus Organic Rank allowing you to accurately calibrate
your ad spend.

"Honestly tho, rank radar is too good. just the fact that I can see all the wasted spend I've been doing thinking I'm ranking on things makes this a huge software. Keywords with PPC conversions that don't rank makes this well worth the cost."
Ramon Gonzalez
Data Diver™

Additional Benefits of Rank Radar

Roots allows you to seamlessly analyze search terms that share keywords

This customer is selling sandbags for
weight lifting. You can see without ad
spend, their listing got ranking benefits
from ad spend on other search terms
that share the same root, such as…


How do I add Search Terms to Rank Radar (MKL)?

Any Search Terms (STs) that are in your MKL (Master Keyword List) will be available for tracking in Rank Radar. New STs that arise from subsequent dives after initially setting up Rank Radar, will be by default, be placed in the Paused tab and will have to be manually added as a tracked ST.

The amount of Search Terms you can track on Rank Radar depends on your subscription tier. Each tier has a base amount with additional tracked STs available for purchase

Starter: 25 – 200

Standard: 1,000 – 10,000

Enterprise: 12,000 – 300,000+

Rankings are dynamic and influenced by various factors such as the searcher’s location, the time of the search, and whether the search is conducted on a desktop or mobile device.

Both your personal search results and those provided by Rank Radar offer a one-dimensional glimpse into a multifaceted reality. It’s normal for these to not align perfectly. It’s more beneficial to focus on the trends over time rather than fixating on specific numbers.

We currently fully support US and CA and have partial support for all other marketplaces available in DataDive.

Gathering vast amounts of data daily is an enormous challenge, and sometimes our technology may falter. Although this issue affects all search term rank trackers, we are committed to making Data Dive’s Rank Radar superior to competing solutions.

If you notice significant gaps that contradict underlying trends, please contact us [email protected]

The PPC data comes directly from your Amazon Seller Central account through the Amazon connection. More specifically, we get the majority of the PPC data from the SIS (Search Term Impression Share) Report.

The number of search terms or search volume where the tracked product ranked top 10/50. Data Dive takes the average over the past 7 days in order to smooth out daily spikes.

When an ASIN is added to Rank Radar, we begin by tracking all of the child ASINs in that ASIN family. The organic rank displayed on the Heatmap is the best ASIN rank from that family for that date.

To pause a tracked Search Term, you simply select the checkbox beside the STs and select “Pause” on the header row.

To unpause a ST and track it again, navigate to the Paused tab. Select the checkbox beside the STs and select “Resume” on the header row.

The Impression Rank is a measure of your ad spend on a specific Search Term compared to the other competitors’ advertising on the Search Term. More specifically, it is your rank of impression share compared to these competitors.

Sponsored Rank is a separate metric that aims to identify where the ad placement is ranked on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You are able to add custom labels to your Search Terms in Rank Radar through our Highlight feature. You simply select the checkbox beside the STs and select Highlight on the header row.

You can then customize the highlight name, highlight color, and highlight dates for the Search Terms.

If you’ve got questions, book a quick demo and we’ll answer them!

Data Dive is the fastest way to validate, launch and optimize brands.


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